Why you might be interested in this Learning Blog

The objective of this Learning Blog is to provide a brief look at a range of topics that relate to entrepreneurship. I will however be focusing primarily on high growth entrepreneurs and factors that influence new venture success. These short articles are intended to enable readers to gain a better understanding of the journey and the […]

What sort of investor are you?

An extensive study conducted by Geoff Smart in America [1] established a clear link between an investor’s approach to human capital valuation and the deal success. Yet, somewhat surprisingly, it was found that the best practices were used less frequently by VCs than the worst practices, indicating opportunities for improved IRR through more effective […]

Investors prefer entrepreneurial ventures pitched by attractive men

A new research study conducted in the United States [1] has revealed that investors prefer fund raising pitches from male entrepreneurs over those from female entrepreneurs, even when the content of the pitches is identical. And, what’s more, attractive men are the most persuasive pitchers of all.

The research team examined video recordings of 90 […]

Raising Venture Capital Finance in Europe

For the entrepreneur with a well-developed business proposition, a team which has previous experience of running a successful business and a properly researched market, where the product or service has the potential to capture a leading stake in the market or a carefully targeted segment of the market, the time has never been better […]

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