Why you might be interested in this Learning Blog

The objective of this Learning Blog is to provide a brief look at a range of topics that relate to entrepreneurship. I will however be focusing primarily on high growth entrepreneurs and factors that influence new venture success. These short articles are intended to enable readers to gain a better understanding of the journey and the […]

Top Management Team functional diversity

While it appears quite clear that start-up team characteristics play a vital role in the ultimate success or failure of an entrepreneurial business venture, we still know little about the dynamics associated with entrepreneurial team composition and development. Most entrepreneurial teams consist of friends, relatives and/or associates from former employers or educational institutions, which […]

Sorting out the Heffalumps

Ask ten people to describe the characteristics of an entrepreneur and you’ll probably end up with at least ten different answers. Apart from perhaps the stereotypical response of “someone driven by money”, which is actually not true. Quite suprisingly, most of the venture capitalists and seasoned entrepreneurs that I have posed this question to […]

Living with the ‘Living Dead’

You could be forgiven for thinking that the title of this article referred to a horror movie, a 70′s rock band or an adolescent teenager recovering from a night on the town. However, in this context the phenomenon of “living dead” investments [1] represents the middle ground of venture capital investing outcomes, lying between […]

Conflict amongst top team members can be beneficial

Contrary to popular belief, conflict amongst top management team members can be beneficial, as long as it’s the correct type of conflict. Research has shown that there are two quite different forms of conflict [1] that can influence business performance.

Cognitive Conflict – focuses on substantive, issue related differences of opinion, which tend to improve […]

Growing interest in growth entrepreneurship

In early 2007 I was commissioned to write a discussion paper for SEEDA, a UK regional development agency, based on a review of the academic literature on the subject of Growth Entrepreneurship. I subsequently published the paper online and to my surprise it has now been read by over 17,000 people and become a […]

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